New Hadong, Greater Hadong!

Hadong’s sixth elected county administration is at a very important turning point.


We shall be free from overly safety-oriented ways of thinking, outdated systems and customs of the past and establish a creative, ‘Mach-fast’ administration that can effectively and analytically respond to rapidly changing society and also turn risks into opportunities.

By developing new growth strategies with creative ideas, we shall lay a strong foundation for the next 100 years of prosperity in Hadong and pave the way that leads to safer, greater and happier Hadong.


Creative Economy-Oriented County Administration (Regional Development & Balanced Developed)

Incorporating creative ideas, we shall promote a balanced, regional development and high-tech industries to create quality jobs. Also, we shall develop new growth strategies to make Hadong a prosperous county for the next 100 years and a place where the citizens can make their dreams come true.

Happy Welfare-Oriented County Administration (Education & Welfare)

By implementing various welfare policies including those for the underprivileged groups and multi-cultural families, we shall Hadong a place where everyone is treated alike and where everyone is happy. Also, by improving educational environment and promoting great elementary, middle and high schools unique to Hadong, we shall make Hadonga place where students from all over the nation want to come to.

Wellbeing and Healing-Oriented County Administration (Culture & Tourism)

We shall commercialize culture and arts to enhance Hadong citizens’ sense of pride and income and also initiate Hadong Renaissance Project to transform Hadong in to one of the greatest wellbeing and healing place where people from all over the world want to visit.

Safety and Integrity-Oriented County Administration (Safety)

By effectively preventing and responding to natural disasters, we shall put the safety of the citizens as our first priority. Also, we shall solve any inconveniences and problems our citizens might experience and service our people with clear administrative principles and standards.

Agricultural Prosperity-Oriented County Administration (Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery)

By using Hadong’s natural environment, we shall develop high-quality, value-added products in the agricultural, livestock and fishery industries and also develop a new-farmers valley to make Hadong a prosperous agricultural county where the locals and new farmers moving in live in harmony.