Communication, Change, Vitality,
Together with the Residents

A slogan expressing a desire to build the one and only Hadong by respecting and trusting in the residents,embracing residents’ valuable opinions and working harmiously with the residents.

County Administrative Goals

Open and Empathetic Administration

Hadong County will actively communicate with the residents, be transparent about the issues relevant to the residents and be relatable to the residents.

Ever-Growing Regional Economy

To overcome the county’s extinction crisis, Hadong County will work to build a foundation for building a sustainable, future city.

Charming Cultural Tourism

Hadong County will promote Hadong’s beautiful natural attractions like Seomjingang River, Jirisan Mountain and Southern Coast and, make Hadong a special place to visit and live in.

Education Sector that Makes the Dreams Come True

This is an important assignment that is directly connected to Hadong’s future. The number of students in Hadong is declining at a dangerous rate. To overcome this problem, Hadong County shall promote prestigious high schools and specialized educational systems.

Welfare System that Spreads Happiness

Hadong County shall make sure all the residents are happy with no one neglected.