The tea is altered by the influence of temperature, humidity, oxygen, light rays, odor and so on.

  • Avoid places revealed to air, high temperature and high humidity.
  • Because the tea absorbs other odors, put in a vacuum pack and keep in a freezer around -5 ℃.

How to preserve tea

Even if you purchase a delicious tea, the taste will change if the preservation method is wrong. Be sure to drink tea in small amounts and take care to preserve the remaining tea.


The tea is susceptible to temperature and light exposure and easily absorbs other odors. Therefore, keep it in a cool and dark place with minimal odor when storing tea. Do not forget to keep it away from fire or heating. It is also a good idea to keep it in the refrigerator to prevent the deterioration of the tea.

However, it is also important to maintain the temperature inside the storage tank at 5 ~10℃ and keep tea in places with small temperature difference. Also, if the temperature suddenly changes, water droplets will form on the surface of the container. Thus, when taking the container out from the refrigerator, do not open the lid immediately but rather use it after it naturally returns to room temperature.


If possible, divide tea into small amounts of 10 days in a sealed container to avoid any contact with air. When storing it in the fridges, put it in the tea container, seal it with vinyl tape, and wrap it with vinyl bag so that the smell of other food does not seep through.