Choosing Tea

In order to choose good tea, it is necessary to consider various aspects such as appearance, scent, and color. Good green tea is thin and glossy in appearance and well-dried. In addition, to qualify as top-grade product, the content of old yellowish-green leaves should be small and it should feel hard and heavy when holding it my hand.

Tea is classified into the first-brewed tea (collected from April 20 ~ May 10), second-brewed tea (collected from Mid June ~ late June,, and third-brewed tea (collected from late September ~ early October). The first-brewed tea is of best quality and is also the most expensive.

For those who are trying out tea for the first time, brown rice green tea that has savory taste is recommendable. First-brewed tea is more appropriate for office in terms of fatigue recovery or brain revitalization. For the purpose of family-gathering, high-class tea that you can enjoy its taste and tea suits well.

Brewing Tea

In order to have tea, you only need the tea, water, and a bowl that you can put both tea and water.
The best source of water soars between stones. When using regular tap water, it is good to keep it overnight.

  1. Prepare tea equipments while boiling water to 100℃.
  2. Rinse and preheat the tea set in the order of water cooling bowl, teapot, and tea cup.
  3. Place the water at 100 ° C in a water cooling bowl and cool it slightly.
  4. Put tea in the teapot for about 2g per person and put the slightly cooled-water(70 ℃) in the teapot from the water-cooling bowl.
  5. Wait for 2 minutes and pour it into the cup. Do not pout all at once but even out the color, scent, and taste by moving from bottom to top and from top to bottom again.
  6. Gently wrap the cup with the right hand while supporting it with the left hand. First, take a look at the color tea. Then, smell the fragrance and taste it.
  7. Drink a cup in three times.

How to Drink Brewed Tea

  • The composition of tea varies somewhat according to the season. In general, the first-brewed tea is rich in amino acids and has a rich flavor. Second and third-brewed teas have strong bitterness because they have many Catechins. Also, if you boil your tea with hot water, the tea will taste bitter because ingredients contributing to sourness will get brewed quickly. If you brew slowly over low temperature water, you can make delicious tea. Therefore, it is im