• Seomjingang River Marsh Clam

    Seomjingang River Marsh Clam

    Marsh clams from the clean Seomjingang River can be easily found and purchased in restaurants near the river. Marsh clams from Hadong where the freshwater and saltwater meet and the tidal range in large, are incomparably superior to imported marsh clams in terms of flavor and nutrient contents. Marsh clams from Hadong are generally smaller than those imported from China and have more of a yellowish brown color and the meat turns very tender when boiled. The milky-white broth you get after boiling the clams taste clean and rich at the same time. The marsh clams imported from China are bigger, have darker shells and are too chewy. At a glance, the clams imported China look rounder and nicer but the broth made from these clams do not offer that rich flavor you get from the broth made with Hadong’s marsh clams.

  • Sweetfish


    Sweetfish which are known to inhabit only the cleanest rivers, can be found in the clean Seomjingang River in Hadong. That wonderful watermelon fragrance and savory flavor of raw sweetfish! Sweetfish hatch out from upper stream, travel downstream to the ocean and stay there until they are fully grown. Then, to spawn eggs, they travel back upstream to where they’re born. Sweetfish only have a lifespan of 1 year and can inhabit only the cleanest Grade I waters. Seomjingang River and Miryanggang River in Gyeongsangnam-do are considered some of the famous regions that produce high quality sweetfish.

  • Egg Cockle

    Egg Cockle

    Egg cockles grown in the clean waters along the Hallyeosudo Waterway are just filled with protein, calcium, iron and various other nutrients. They are so called the king of clams and are famous for their tenderness and sweet flavor. Their axe-shaped feet taste like chicken and make very savory, milky broth. Egg cockles taste so good because of their protein content. For 100 grams of meat, there are 21.5 grams of protein (oysters: 10.5 grams of protein) and lots of calcium (32 mg) but only 1.9 grams of fat (oysters: 2.4 grams of fat). They can be enjoyed raw but can be cooked wrapped in foil. The meat is sweet and tender when braised or fermented. In the winter, you can also braise them a little bit and dip them in some chili sauce to enjoy the sweet and savory flavor of the meat.

  • Ark Clam (Blood Cockle)

    Ark Clam (Blood Cockle)

    Ark clams are also known as blood cockles or blood clams due to the red hemoglobin liquid inside. The meat is tender and enjoyed raw, grilled or as sushi.

  • Marinated Freshwater Crab

    Marinated Freshwater Crab

    Marinated freshwater crabs made with natural, freshwater crabs living in the clean Seomjingang River is a great delicacy that boosts your appetite.