Welcome to Hadong, the Land of Beautiful Mountains, Rivers and Sea. Korea's Alps, Hadong

Mayor of Hadong
Youn Sang-ki

Hello, everyone.
We sincerely welcome you to Hadong, the land of healing and well-being.
I'm Youn Sang-ki and I hope to work with Hangdong citizens side by side in creating Handong a prosperous county for the next 100 years.

Hadong is blessed with beautiful natural environment and marvelous cultural heritages. Jirisan Mt. and Seomjin River located in our county hold the true spirits of our nation and they represent harmony, unity and balance.

All of these are Hadong's hopes and strengths.
The "Dream of Galsa Bay" Project will also help us open up a promising, new era of southern coast region.

Open Governor's Office will make Hadong a place where dreams come true and I sincerely hope it serves as an open channel of communication among us.

Hadong awaits your visit!
Thank you.