Fact of Yi an shi, Sichuan Province, China

Fact of Yi an shi, Sichuan Province, China
City Statement of intent Concluded Representative Director Address Remarks
yi an shi 2004. 11.01 Swi Meong-jya (625000)Yi an shi, Sichuan Province, China

General Facts

  • Location: Southern part of Sichuan Province, near Tibet
  • Area: 15,300㎢
  • Population: 152,000
  • Climate: 1,800㎜ rainfall, the climate is combined both with the torrid zone and the subtropics

Facts about agreement conclusion

  • 2004. 11. 01 : Conclude an agreement of friendly urban relations
  • 2004. 11 : Conclude an agreement of economy cooperation

Economy Facts

  • Main Industry: Agriculture (rice, corns, wheats, beans)
  • The four key business of yi an
    • Hydraulic Power Plant: Generates 10% of Sichuan Hydraulic Power Plant (360KW)
    • Tourism Industry: Tea, panda bears, nonong hongguen culture, handae remains - yi an urban construction: Urban remodification for the October 2005 International Travel Competition
    • Food: Green food (tea, milk) -Sponsor by Sichuan Agriculture College

Tourism Resources

  • Mt. Mongjung, a hometown of tea
    • A tea farming site of Origeon
    • A collective Myeongsan tea farming location
  • Byeukbonghyup Ecology Park
    • Grade AAAA Pungyoung district, China, area 20㎢, inhabitation of panda bears and other wild animals


  • Three best items of yi an shi: Beautiful ladies, music, tasteful fishes