Hadong Rail Bike

Hadong Rail Bike’s 5.2km railway includes a ride on a tourist train from Bukcheon Station to Yangbo Station and a rail bike riding from Yangbo Station to Bukcheon Station. The rail bikes have electric batteries and the railway has very gentle grades so anyone can enjoy riding without putting too much efforts. The rail bikes also have an automatic control system and an alarm system that make the riders maintain a 10m safety distance between the bikes. The railway stretches through a field of flowers and riders can experience Poppy Flower Festival, Cosmos Festival and other beautiful flowers of the four seasons depending on when they visit. The 1.2km-long tunnel the riders go through is equipped with various lighting systems that create magical visual effects. Visit Hadong and enjoy the world’s one and only rail bike that offers beautiful lights and flowers.

  • Hadong Rail Bike 1
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Rail Bike

  1. Bukcheon
  2. Tourist Train
  3. Yangbo
  1. Bukcheon
  2. Rail Bike
  3. Yangbo

The tourists travel from Bukcheon Station to Yangbo Station on a tourist train and travels back to Bukcheon Station on rail bikes. Address: 2446-6, Gyeongseodae-ro, Bukcheon-myeon, Hadong-gu, (1477-2, Jikjeon-ri)

Tourist Train

The tourist train is modeled after a type of steam trains called ‘Mika’. The open train cars allow the passengers to feel the cool breeze during summer. The tourist train can accommodate approximately 300 passengers.

Bukcheon Station (Ticket Office)

Bukcheon Station opened on February 7, 1968 as a regular station but has been used as a ticket office ever since Hadong Rail Bike opened. Tourists visiting Bukcheon Station can also attend Bukcheon Poppy Flower Festival in May and Cosmos & Buckwheat Flower Festival in July held nearby the station.