Hadong-gun is located at the westernmost part of Gyeongsangnam-do on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, bordering Jinju-si and Sacheon-si to the east, Gwangyang-si and Gurye-gun of Jeollanam-do across the Seomjingang River to the west, Namhae-gun to the south and, Hamyang-gun and Sancheong-gun of Gyeongsangnam-do and Namwon-si of Jeollabuk-do across the Mt. Jirisan to the north.

Hadong is also the home of the magnificent Jirisan National Park, crystal-clear Seomjingang River and Noryang Coast of the Hallyeo National Marine Park which was the last battle place of the famous Korean naval commander Chungmugong Lee Sunshin.

Hadong also holds beautiful attractions such as Ssanggyesa which is an old Buddhist temple built in Hwagae-myeon during the Silla Period, Buril Waterfall between Cheonghakbong Peak and Baekhakbong Peak in Mt. Jirisan, Chilbulsa Temple at the base of Banyabong Peak in Mt. Jirisan, beautiful Baeksacheongsong (white sand and pine tree grove) and a marvelous 32km-long estuary.