Nurturing luxury brand equivalent to its reputation.Selected as the first wild tea special industrial district in Korea

Hadong-gun has reputation of “green tea farm” and “birthplace of wild tea,”
and green tea production is the main source of income for farms.

As of 2008, the number of farm households is 2100 (45% of the national average), the cultivation area is 1,048ha
(23% of the national average), the production amount is 2,230 tons, income source 26.1 billion won

“Luxury Tea Image” is an advantage exclusive to Handong, made by “Wild Tea image” and handmade work. As a differentiating strategy that strengthens competitiveness, characterized businesses like Hadong Green Tea Cooperative Processing Facility and Hadong Green Tea Science Research Center were established. Hadong was designated as special industrial district to reverse business leading local growth and contribute to residents’ income improvement by realizing “luxurification of tea.”

Validity as Green Tea Special District

adong Hwagae-myeon designated as Green Tea Special Industrial District이미지크게보기

Hadong Hwagae-myeon designated as Green Tea Special Industrial District. On March 8, 2006, the Ministry of Finance and Economy appointed Hadong wild tea special industrial district.

Overview of special district designation

  • Name of special district: Hadong Wild Tea Special Industrial District
  • Location of special district: 127 Unsu-ri, Hwagae-myeon, Hadong-gun, and 24 other locations
  • Area of special district: 82,243(25,181 pyeong)
  • Major Exceptions to Regulations: Exceptions to the Road Traffic Act, Exceptions to the Act on Outdoor Advertisement Management, Exemption Regulations and Fair Trade Act, Special Provisions on Food Sanitation Act

Hadong is the green tea farm and the birthplace of wild tea with favorable conditions and soil for green tea cultivation, taking up 23% of national green tea cultivation area.

Hadong wild green tea, which is produced in the wild tea fields of Jiri Mountain, is promoting global luxurification through differentiation from other regions and thus has competitiveness in comparison with other products. It has related infrastructures like tea culture center, green tea experience center, department dedicated to green tea industry (Regional Specialized Industry Planning Team) and Hadong wild tea culture festival event.

Especially, Hadong green tea not only has historicity as the origin of Korean green tea plantation and culture but also has a high public awareness as Hadong green tea brand formed through geographical indication system.

The related agencies, including the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, agreed on the requested maters regarding the specialized business, and approved the validity of the designation as special industrial district as well as legal deregulation.

Development Business of Hadong Green Tea

  • Hadong green tea co-processing facility creation business
  • Establishment of a joint processing facility capable of producing uniform quality products for effective utilization of co-branded Hadong Green Tea
  • Hadong Green Tea Research Institute revitalization project
    • Establishment of a research center for the function of research and development of green tea (green tea culture research, new variety development, food development, etc.) and real service center to solve problems of local farmers
    • Green Tea Science Research Institute: The Green Tea Science Research Institute expects to be the cradle of producing continuous effects related to medical and scientific industry with green tea by carrying out annual businesses starting from 2005 with 168.84 million won.
  • Hadong wild tea culture festival globalization business
    • ‘Develop 'Hadong wild tea culture festival' into a global cultural festival rather than a local culture festival, making Hadong a center of the world's green tea industry
  • Construction of green tea experiential village and wild tea garden tourism business
    • Establishment a green tea experiential village where tourists can experience the green tea production process (picking tea, roasting)
  • Tea culture experience program operational business
    • Advertise the image as a Korean tea plantation and an origin of tea culture and offers information and experiential program regarding green tea to tourists.