Definition of Free Economic Zone

Free Economic Zone is a specially designated area created to strengthen the national competitiveness of Korea and to promote foreign investment by offering improved business environment to foreign-invested enterprises in Korea and better living environment for foreigners. It basically offers the optimal environment for enterprises doing international businesses in this global world.

  • Free Economic Zone
    • 01 One-Stop
      administrative services
    • 02 Foreign educational institutions/
      and hospitals
    • 03 Foreign language services,
      foreign currencies and broadcasting
    • 04 Tax exemptions
      and incentives
    • 05 Relaxed
    • Geopolitical Conditions
      • The center of Northeast Asian economy
      • A city that holds an airport, ports and tourism/leisure activity sites
    • Foreigner-Friendly Living Environment
      • A special zone with relaxed domestic regulations (Special Act on Designation and Management of Free Economic Zones)
    • Cutting-Edge Infrastructure
      Optimal for Global Business
      • Digital infrastructure that supports business activities
      • Advanced information industry complex that promotes new industries such as IT and BT
      • Pleasant living environment for advanced domestic and foreign workforce