Blessed Conditions for Tea Tree Cultivation

Green tea
  • Since the main tea cultivation area of Hadong-gun is connected to the Seomjin River and its stream, Hwagae Stream, it is foggy and humid. During tea production period, it has huge temperature difference, making the optimal environment for tea tree plantation.
  • In addition, it has weakly acidic, gravelly and moist soil, which is good for growing tea, thus having suitable soil for cultivation of tea.
  • By utilizing these geographical factors, "Hadong Green Tea" was registered in the geographical indication designated by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service in 2003.

Production of the National Best Handmade Green Tea

  • Due to the excellent tea cultivation conditions, research results have been made showing that Hadong Green Tea is superior to other green tea in terms of content, taste and quality.
  • In particular, Hadong Green Tea uses 'Dukk-eum' technology handed down from long ago to produce high-quality green tea, differentiating itself from popular green tea produced in other regions.
  • In fact, the production of premium green tea such as Ujeon, Sejak, Jungjak, Daejak and etc. takes about 95% of the whole production amount where as popular tea such as teabag is about 5%.

Emergence of Innovative Subjects like Hadong Green Tea Research Institute, Hadong Green Tea Development Council and etc.

  • The Hadong Green Tea Institute, which will be responsible for the research and development of green tea and function as a real service center to solve the problems of the local farmers, is being constructed and operated with total investment of 20 billion won for five years from 2005. Selected as the best local government research institute for three consecutive years since 2007, It is contributing to the differentiation, luxurification, and popularization of Hadong Green Tea, which has been stamped as "King's Green Tea".
  • Green tea producers and tea manufacturing companies are organizing and operating the "Hadong Green Tea Development Council" in order to explore the long-term development plans of the Hadong Green Tea Industry.

Abundant Tourism Resources

  • Around the main green tea cultivation area, there are various tourisM resources such as Pyeongsa-ri, which is the background stage of the novel “Toji”, Hagane Market, and Hadong Green Tea Cultural Center.
  • In addition, Hadong-gun possesses a variety of blessed environmental and ecological landscapes such as the green Seomjin River, Jiri Mountain, Hallyeo Sea National Park and historical and cultural tourism resources such as Ssanggyesa Temple.
  • In particular, there is one national treasure, one tangible cultural property, and two designated monuments associated with tea, and there are many relics and historic sites.