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  • Purple Sweet Potato Tea Food Image1 Purple Sweet Potato Tea Food
    [Effect] Sweet potato has fiber and yalapin ingredients that promotes the excretion of stools, prevents constipation and improves skin. And red anthocyanin pigment promotes blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, and improves vision.
  • Mum Tea Food Image1 Mum Tea Food
    [Effect] It is effective in improving unpleasant symptoms that occur in the head such as headache, dizziness, and ear ringing. It improves blood circulation, restores vision, lowers heat and neutralizes toxins.
  • Mugwort Tea Food Image1 Mugwort Tea Food
    [Effect] It stops bleeding, warms up the body, and heals irregular menstruation. It stops sweating and diarrhea, and strengthens the stomach and appetite. It is also effective in improving the stomachache, neuralgia, and decline in energy
  • Grape Tea Food Image1 Grape Tea Food
    [Effect] It promotes fatigue recovery, prevents heart disease, hypertension, and anemia, and inhibits the robustness and cancer cells.
  • Bean Tea Food Image1 Bean Tea Food
    [Effect] It lowers the blood cholesterol level, prevents arteriosclerosis and adult diseases, promotes circulation of blood circulation in peripheral blood vessels, and maintains the balance of hormones. It also prevents the formation of lipoperoxidein our body, thereby lowering geriatric dementia and cancers such as lung cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.
  • Strawberry Food Tea Image1 Strawberry Food Tea
    [Effect] With plenty of vitamin C, it is good for cold and freckle prevention, fatigue recovery, and appetite promotion.