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  • Green Tea Dumpling Image Green Tea Dumpling
    Dumplings were used to be enjoyed during cold winter with warm soybean soup, but nowadays they are enjoyed during all seasons. You can use brewed green tea leaves, beef, bean sprouts, tofu, kimchi and etc. for bun filling. If you put powder tea in dumpling skin, you can enjoy fresher taste.
  • Green Tea Deluxe Rice Image Green Tea Deluxe Rice
    Green Tea Deluxe Rice with sweep pumpkin, green tea, freshly harvested grains and nuts in it is excellent food for meal or snack. It does not taste heavy at all, but rather tastes savory and plain. Since it prevents adult disease and is easy to make, Green Tea Deluxe Rice is recommendable for healthy diet at home.
  • Sprout Wrap Image Sprout Wrap
    People are paying more attention to eating and valuing well-being around the world. I would like to recommend green tea leaves and various sprouts as well-being foods at this time. Green tea leaves and sprouts serve to excrete the body waste accumulated in our body. Only a small amount of it can have beneficial health effects. Especially, I would like to recommend this food to modern people who suffer from brain work and headaches. Those who want to live healthy live and improve their constitution, might consider always keeping it nearby.
  • Tea Porridge Image Tea Porridge
    It improves the appetite with the scent and bitter and sour taste compared to the white porridge that is hard to eat.
  • Tea Sushi Image Tea Sushi
    Sour, sweet, and bitter flavors are harmonized in sushi, and the scent of laver and tea is mixed well, spicing up the appetite.
  • Wheat Wrap with Fresh Tea Image Wheat Wrap with Fresh Tea
    Food for May includes marsh plant rice cake, cherry jelly, Jehotang, Juak(Rice Pancake), Jeungpyeon(leavened rice-cake), fruit and etc. Dano has been one of the four major festivals until the end of the Joseon Dynasty and continues today. There are customs such as giving a jujube tree in marriage on 13t of 24 periods of the day –there is a tale putting tones between jujube trees will earn a lot of jujubes-, washing hair with water infused with sweet flags, cutting wormwood and motherwort and etc. On this day, people made wheat wrap and Chinese pancake. In this issue, we introduce you wheat wrap that you can make by thinly griddling leftover fresh tea, cucumber, and mushroom and wrapping them with wheat cake. (Lee Jae-hyun_Moonsung Daryewon)