• 2009. 3. 30 Development initiated with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s final approval of the Galsa-Bay Shipbuilding Industrial Complex Development Project
  • 2020. Birth of 「New Hadong City」 in the Namhaean (southern coast) Era

Hadong District in FEZ

Hadong District in FEZ
Investment (KRW trillion) Project Period Business Type PO
Total 12,165 Total Public Private
2.8199 0.0745 2.7454
Galsa Bay Shipbuilding Industrial Complex 3,174(sea surface) 1.5970 0.0388 1.5582 ’09-’20 Offshore plants, shipyards for value added cruise ships and WIG crafts Hadong County, Hadong Development Co.,Ltd.
2,439(land surface) Shipbuilding equipments, business support facilities, offshore plants and research labs
Daesong Industrial Complex 1,367 0.2320 0.0312 0.2008 ’09-’18 Shipbuilding equipments, metalworks Hadong County, Daesong Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Duu Leisure Complex(Duu Hinterland Complex) 2,645 0.5023 5,023 ’12-’20 Multicomplex for housing, tour and leisure Duu Leisure Complex Development Co., Ltd.