Tea prevents allergy.

  • Catechin, the bitter tasting component in tea, prevents allergy.
  • If used for tooth brushing and bathing or put on the skin, tea could prevent allergy.

Tea is the best beverage for diet.

  • Tea has no calorie. If you drink tea before you exercise, caffeine in tea burns fat. If you drink tea after a meal, tannin in tea decomposes fat and prevents fat from accumulating.

Tea is effective for antiaging.

  • Catechin in tea restrains activated oxygen, minimizes the generation of harmful lipid peroxidation and has antioxidation effect.
  • Vitamins A and C in tea keep skin healthy and clean.

Tea lowers cholesterol

  • Catechin and Vitamin C in tea reduce the level of bad cholesterol while keeping the level of good cholesterol. Drinking tea everyday is good for people who take lots of cholesterol everyday.

Tea is good for diebetics.

  • Catechin in tea slows down the absorption of sugar and prevents rapid rise of blood sugar.

Tea prevents food poisoning.

  • Catechin in tea has strong sterilization effect. It kills germs causing food poisoning such as micrococus, enteritis causing vibrio, staphylococcus aureus, and comma bacillus.

Tea lowers blood pressure.

  • Catechin in tea restrains the activity of enzyme that produces high blood pressure causing material.

Tea prevents cold.

  • Tea has a lot of Vitamin C, which promotes quick recovery from fatigue. Caffeine reduces headache and promotes blood circulation and diuretics. Vitamin C and caffeine are important ingredients for the prevention of and recovery from cold.
  • Catechin weakens the cold virus. And the antihistamine effect of tea prevents contraction of bronchus. Histamine relaxes bronchus and prevents cold.

Tea relives stress.

  • Caffeine and Vitamin C in tea relive stress and make you feel better.

Tea relieves hangover.

  • When you drink, increased Acetaldehyde causes hangover. Caffeine increases glucose. Glucose and Vitamin C in tea decompose Acetaldehyde and relieve hangover.