Natural tea leaves contain 75~80% of water and 20~25% of solid. And 40% of solid consists of tannin, amino acids, vitamins, caffeine, sugar, saponin, and a little bit of organic and inorganic matter. And 60% of solid consists of cellulose, protein, pectin, starch, and fat soluble vitamins.

Major Ingredients and Effects of Tea이미지크게보기
Major Ingredients and Effects of Tea Ingredients, Effects Catechin: Antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-ulcer, prevention of hypertension, prevention of diabetes, prevention of tooth decay, lowering of cholesterol, inhibition of platelet aggregation, deodorization Theanine: Inhibition of caffeine activation, increased immunity, sedation Flavonol: Increased capillary resistance, antioxidant hypertensive, deodorizing effect, etc. Caffeine: Central nervous system stimulus, sleep prevention, heart stimulant, diuretic effect, anti-asthma metabolism, anti-obesity Polysaccharides: Anti-diabetic effect Vitamin C: Anticonvulsant, antioxidant, cancer prevention Vitamin E: antioxidant, cancer prevention, anti-infertility β – Capotin: Antioxidant, cancer prevention, immunity enhancement GABA : Inhibition of blood pressure increase, inhibitory neurotransmission, sedation Saponin: Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory effect Fluoride: Anti-cavity effect Zinc: Prevention of taste disorder, prevention of dermatitis, suppression of immunity decline Selenium: Antioxidant, cancer prevention, myocardial injury prevention